Refoodee is a non profit empowering refugees through the hospitality industry.

Our goal in securing employment for refugees is to help them become economically stable amongst the pressure of adjusting and resettling into their new locations.

The first step in our process is training refugees for the industry they plan to enter. Throughout this process Refoodee helps them find jobs where they’ll learn, grow, and establish adequate economic means to be able to support themselves.  


Refoodee was founded by Whitney Noelle with the intention to help solve a humanitarian crisis. She attributes her relationship with her grandmother, an asylee from North Korea, as the inspiration for Refoodee’s mission.  

Damian Mogavero serves as Refoodee’s ______.

JHospitality industry leader and author of the Underground Culinary Tour, Damian Mogavero, serves as Refoodee’s



Refoodee has partnered with the UN Refugee Agency, also known as the UNHCR, because of our shared vision and commitment to helping refugees transition into their new locations.

The UN Refugee Agency’s primary goal is to make sure refugees find safe asylum with the option to eventually return home, integrate, or resettle. During times of displacement, the UNHCR provides clean water, sanitation and healthcare, as well as shelter, blankets, household goods and sometimes food.

Together Refoodee and the UNHCR are joining forces to combat the refugee crisis.